Show Team – Dressage Show 2

Piper rode Abby at Saturday’s show.  Abby is definitely a horse with a mind of her own and none of the other horses mess with her even though she’s smallest one in the stable.  She has tossed Piper and some of her classmates, thinks it’s great fun to dive into other horses’ stalls while you’re trying to put her into her own, and regularly lunges for the geldings in the effort to give them a good nip.  That said, she is a great teaching horse because if you don’t do things correctly and let her know who’s in charge, she simply ignores you.

Abby is the first horse Piper rode after her transitioning over to Harmony from her old stable and they have gone through several phases together.  There was the “Do I have to ride Abby” stage, followed by the “She’s not all bad” stage, and finally the current stage of “Abby’s kind of fun”.   The obvious correlation is that as Piper’s riding has improved, so has Abby’s response to her.  Piper said she had a great time at the show yesterday.  When I asked her why, she said it was because she knew the mistakes were because she made them, not because her horse made them.  Boy have they come a long way.


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