Whale Watch

Sunday we took our nieces and nephew on a whale watch.

We’ve been on quite a few, and it seems that every trip we see something new and special.  This trip we saw several of our most commonly sighted whale, the humpback.  The naturalist on board was great and she identified this one as Komodo.

We spent a good bit of time with this whale and got to see a tail slap for the first time.

Another high point of the trip was seeing three finback whales traveling together.  We had seen them before, but they are normally solitary creatures and we’d certainly never been this close.  Keep in mind most of the whale is underwater.  They actually reach about 75 feet long.

The last stop on our trip was definitely the highlight of the day, a mother humpback and her calf.

Most of the time they were just traveling together, but as we were pulling away (and as I was putting my camera away), the calf decided to show us our first ever close up whale breach.  Of course I was completely flustered and only managed to get a photo of the splash.

And going up for the second time…  I still hadn’t had a chance to remember how to use my zoom lens.

I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all.


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