Show Team – Jumper Shows 2 and 3

Piper continues to have a great time with the summer shows.  Number 2 was indoors and it was super dark that day.  In addition, all of the jumps were facing the away so nothing good in the way of photos.  She rode Abby and given the ever present heat this summer and the fact she had already been ridden once she made Piper work her but off.  After two initial refusals, Piper put her foot down and did an admirable job getting her around.

Still 90, but less humid for show 3 and at this point we’ll take what we can get.  Can I just mention again my utmost sympathy for Mallory having to chase around that many unenthusiastic ponies at these things every week in the weather we’ve been having?  Piper has had a lot of practice motivating Simon,  so while not incredibly enthusiastic about the prospect he did keep moving and there were no refusals.  And while his canter on equitation was a bit rough, she did get it.  The jump course was a lot of fun with four fences set up in a line dividing the ring in half that were done twice for a total of eight jumps for the course.  Two things to note – Piper actually volunteered to go first for the equitation portion and she’s regularly doing low vertical fences now.


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