Seems our yard has become a mecca for wildlife this year.  They love the cover from the plantings that Anne put in last year, the stacked limbs from the ice storm provide a haven, and the new bird feeders are a definite hit.  Not sure I’m totally keen on the latest visitor though he is awfully cute.  We knew that we had them in the neighborhood, but typically don’t see them during the day.  Typically the way we know they’ve been around is due to the aftermath.  One year a woodchuck flattened our entire garden– in two nights.  Not being incredibly slow learners, the vegetable gardens are now fenced in.  Thankfully this one was just eating grass and I’m happy to let him do that.  Oh, I’m also happy to report that I now know why I kept getting conflicting reports on whether this was a woodchuck or a groundhog.  Turns out everybody was right and they are the same thing.


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