Great Park Pursuit 2010 – #1 Into the Woods

It’s that time of year again.  The DCR’s Great Park Pursuit started in June, but due to this summer’s thoroughly oppressive weather we’re just getting started.  Seems like the schedule is also much more forgiving this time of year since I’m pretty sure we did the same thing last year.  Woke up to a lovely morning the day after we got back from the U.P. , so we decided to go with the obvious choice and head over to see our favorite park interpreter at Harold Parker for  a nature walk.  There was a pretty large group with several small children, so we took a short hike over to Berry Pond.  Have I mentioned before how gorgeous this place is?  I got to chat with some very nice ladies including another homeschool mom and a fellow lover of travel.  We also caught up with Bob and found out congratulations were in order as he was heading out to see his new grand-baby the next day.  🙂  We’re hoping to head back over in the next few weeks for some ponding, fishing, and canoeing as we continue on this year’s quest.


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