GPP 2010 – #2 At the Edge of the Sea

For our second adventure we decided to head a little further afield to Salisbury Beach State Reservation.  We will be talking about marshes in science probably next week, so I thought a program about estuaries would dovetail nicely with our studies.  Besides – weekend, nice weather, beach, it’s kind of hard to go wrong.

We lucked out and got to see the results of a swallow migration down by the boat landing where we were meeting the park interpreter Stacy.  Sounds like they are a few weeks early this year.

We also saw several fine examples of this track while heading down to the salt marsh.  Piper was happy to be able to finally use her animal track identification card from the first GPP.  Stacy thought it might be a fisher heading down for a snack.

Very few plants live in the salt marsh since between the tides and the salt water it’s pretty inhospitable.

This is cord grass.

This one is salt hay.  It is very import for habitat, but also because it composts relatively quickly into peat.

Peat is really cool because it acts like a sponge soaking up and filtering water.

After learning about estuaries, we had an opportunity to go investigate.  Looks so innocent and peaceful doesn’t it?  By the way, you might want to take your shoes off.

A little squishy, but it’s not too terrible.

I’m not entirely sure this is what I had in mind.

At this point it would have been worse to go back than forward, so Piper and I joined forces and proceeded to battle through.  The key seemed to be moving as fast as you possibly could while still keeping your balance.  Tim highly recommends this to anyone who needs a leg workout.

Second mission accomplished and it’s only a little mud right?


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