The Keweenaw #1

On our recent trip back to Michigan we were able to head back and visit our Alma Mater.   This is where we met and often when we think of our “home town” Houghton comes to mind rather than the towns where we grew up.  Normally things are too crazed when we head back to take the time to visit, but this time Tim’s folks decided to join us and we had a whole weekend to visit some of the old haunts. There were a lot of changes, but both campus and downtown looked great.  In fact, downtown was actually looking quite trendy compared to when we were there with a tattoo parlor, yarn shop, nice bike shop, and several other businesses catering to students that did not involve a liquor license.  🙂

Here’s the Houghton lift bridge with a much needed face lift.  The area down by the Portage canal has also received a lot of attention with a walkway and picnic tables.  Oh, and a brand new library!

Here’s Luna hanging out by the Portage while we were waiting for the Library (restaurant) to open up for lunch.  Isn’t she a well behaved puppy?

Or maybe not.

Yes, he is pretty funny.

After lunch we headed over to Agate Beach. While we’ve never actually found an agate here, it is a great place for rolling up your pants, wading in, and finding those perfectly wonderful round, smooth beach stones.

Luna was, of course, thrilled to see more water.

In fact at one point she tried to “fetch” a wave and almost took Grandma Sally for an unplanned swim.  I really don’t think life gets much better than this in Luna’s world.


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