Cave Painting

For history this year we are back around to Ancients.  I love this time period.  It is so much fun and has such cool project potential.  Piper’s first project was to do a cave painting.  Some of the options given for medium were a crumpled paper bag or a board with sand glued to it.  We thought it might be more fun to do it on actual stone though, so Piper chose a large granite rock in the garden.  I also offered charcoal and chalk pastels, but she looked on it as a challenge and ended up using all materials she found in the backyard including charcoal from the fire ring, bark, and a plant with some wonderful orange sap (maybe celandine).  I’m sure the fact that the subject was horses isn’t any sort of surprise.  She had a great time and I thought they looked very realistic.  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what else she comes up with this year.


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