GPP #3 – Nature Sports

Our third expedition had us heading back over to Harold Parker to learn about fishing.  I spent a lot of time catching pan fish in the lakes around where I lived when I was younger, but Piper had only been briefly exposed a few times on our trips back to the cabin.  Bob started out by going over gear basics and fishing rules.  Turns out New England vs. Midwest nomenclature even shows up in fishing.  “Sinkers” and “bobbers” are referred to as “weights” and “floats” in this neck of the woods.

Due to some unforeseen advertising, the normal crowd of 10 swelled to around 40 for this event, most of them kids, so I got to put my juvenile skills to work baiting hooks.  Piper got a few turns at the fishing pole and decided it wasn’t too bad hanging out by the pond on a nice day, though obviously she’s all about the catch and release.  She was happy to learn that the hooks that are used are designed to corrode quickly so even if the fish swallow them they dissolve fast enough that they don’t cause any harm.

Despite the fact that there were tons of fish nibbling, only three were reeled in, all of them pumpkinseeds, a type of sunfish.

Piper has expressed an interest in giving it another shot though so I’m sure we’ll be heading out at some time in the future.


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