Fishing Festival

Last Saturday was the annual Harold Parker Fishing Festival.  The day dawned clear, but turned out to be much chillier than expected.  You’ll notice Piper is wearing my sweatshirt.  I’m sure at some age they remember to bring their own right?  Or maybe not, since Tim didn’t have one either.  🙂

From the first casts, both Tim and I came to the startling realizing of just how long it had been since either of us had used a fishing pole.  Bobbers went flying, we lost hooks, and Tim even got to go to go wading after the reel fell off the pole.

I’m not sure how much Piper really enjoys fishing which is probably good, since I don’t really see us suddenly spending a ton of time with the fishing pole.   I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t see her baiting a hook any time soon.

She did do her share though, and enjoyed watching Tim and me.

Most of the fish we caught were catfish.  Piper did catch one very small pumpkinseed and a crayfish, which was probably her favorite catch of the day.

Overall, we had a lovely morning enjoying the water and more importantly warming up by the fire. 🙂


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