GPP Finale – Georges Island

We were most excited to find out the location of this year’s Great Park Pursuit finale.

Georges Island is one of a collection of Boston Harbor Islands.  Due to it’s strategic location it has been a military fort on and off since the Civil War.  In contrast to last year’s downpour, this year the weather smiled on us with pretty much a perfect day, especially out on the ocean.  There was an incredible view of Boston from the island.

DCR had provided many activities, but it was such a lovely day, we decided to stick to just a few and enjoy the weather rather than rushing around.

Piper enjoyed the Civil War Games and spent a good deal of time with them.

She started on the flat, but decided the hoop would work much better with a little gravitational incentive.  A whole group of kids had joined in by the time she was finished.

While it sounds like praying mantis are relatively common on the islands I don’t think any of us had ever seen one outside of a zoo before.  Isn’t he cute?

We also had fun climbing around on the fort.  Piper and I listened to a nice tame ghost and she was even convinced to walk through a dark tunnel afterwords.

This would be Piper humoring her dad.

They were pointing at the lighthouse in the distance.

Such a beautiful location and it great getting to see our partners in crime from the last three years the Eaglettes and new made friends from Harold Parker. All in all another excellent Park Pursuit experience.


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