Egyptian Feast

We decided to celebrate the end our study of Ancient Egypt with a dinner featuring foods that might have been eaten by Egyptians past and present.  Piper gave me a shopping list of the items she thought should be included and I did a little research to find recipes.

Tim’s contribution was homemade pita bread.

I can’t find the specific recipe I used, but this is kushari.   It fulfilled the lentils requirement on Piper’s list and seemed to be the most prevalent recipe when I did my search.  In addition to the lentils, it included chickpeas, rice, and pasta.


For dessert there were pomegranates, dates, and fig cookies.  Piper wanted to try real figs, but there weren’t any available when I went shopping so we’ll have to put them on our list of things to try in the future.


3 thoughts on “Egyptian Feast

  1. What a great idea to cook foods from an ancient culture that she learned about. She is certainly learning alot more than she would in a traditional school. Her curriculum would be daunting for me with the Latin and French alone, toss in the logic and pre-algebra and I would be a basket case.

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