Oreo Meets Vocabulary

Oreo became the subject of one of Piper’s Caesar’s English vocabulary assignments.  The idea was to use the words as different parts of speech.

I wish Oreo did not have as much superfluous mane.

Once there were many people who adhered to the practice of giving a superfluity of apples, carrots, and horse treats.

I have a feeling that I am adhered to Oreo, or at least to the profuse vivacity in his countenance.

His mane has almost an audible cry to be pulled.  I have a feeling that many people would be prostrate with happiness.

Oreo is profusely the opposite of serenity.  He has a superfluity with his canter.  He will sometimes use his friendliness as an adherent.  This superfluous tendency to be an adherent sometimes can be rather annoying.  He also is an adherent to walls and an adherent to a superfluous amount of horses, including Abby, a vivacious pony.

Oreo is ostentatious as his illusion of false indolence falls.  He eludes work with indolence but is vivacious at times.


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