The Christmas Tree Hunt

Last weekend we headed out in search of a Christmas tree.  We decided Luna was not quite ready for the floor model, but we all enjoyed finally having the live tree last year so we decided to go that route again this year.  As far as my allergies go, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger right?  🙂  Truthfully, due to the dog or something else I haven’t been able to discontinue my meds yet this year, so I figured one more allergen in the house probably won’t make that much difference and I might as well enjoy the festive scent.

We thought it might be fun to go out and cut our own tree this year so we headed out to the local tree farm.

They are sort of in a replanting phase.  There were some trees to cut, but none really seemed to be what we were looking for.

We had a lovely walk back to the plot though.

Luna was simply beside herself with all of the new smells and Tim was beside himself trying to make her behave.  Amazing how you can take her to Petco and she behaves like an angel, but you put her in the woods and her brain takes a hiatus.

Since even the trees for sale were much larger than we were looking for, we ended up at the same little tree lot just down from our house where we’ve been buying our wreaths and got last year’s tree.  Nice to get outside for a bit though and needless to say, Luna was a very mellow puppy for the rest of the day.


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