New Furniture

After the Luna took a bite out of the arm of the couch we decided it was probably time to replace the first piece of furniture Tim and I bought together.  Of course we had to wait until puppy dog no longer thought of furniture was a snack.  Little did we know when we finally ordered the new couch and chair back in November that it would be delivered the same day that the wood floors for the upstairs were due to start.  So much for trying to stage things.  Luckily we managed to get rid of the last piece of the old about a half hour before we had to fit the new in since pretty much every spare inch is now covered.  Despite the headache of trying to coordinate everything, I’m rather happy we didn’t delay the delivery.  The new furniture is much lighter and kind of cheers the place up in the midst of all of the clutter.  Yes, that is our bed behind the new chair.


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