Spring Chickens

Despite her broken arm, Piper has been managing to enjoy the our recent wave of warm temperatures.

A lot of her time has been spent reacquainting herself with the chickens after the winter.

She lets them out, herds them around the yard, and feeds them birdseed.

We’ve even been know to have “chicken races” on occasion though she despairs at getting them all going in the right direction.

The chickens themselves don’t seem to mind all of this activity at all and if she goes inside while they are free-ranging I’ve seen them watch just in case she might be coming back with a treat.

Luna on the other hand may possibly lose her mind.

The fact that there are chickens just on the other side of that glass and she can’t reach them is really all too much.  I’m just waiting for the day she knocks herself out lunging at the patio door.  At least there’s a replacement warranty for when she inevitably takes the screen door out this summer…


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