Me and Toby

Though I am missing riding with little girl and watching her, I’m still having a great time at lessons, learning a ton, and of course it’s fabulous to be back outside.  Tim took some photos of Toby and me playing at my lesson the other night.

I’d imagine Dave is telling me to keep my butt down here.  We were also working on a method of slowing the horse down a bit.

Here the poles are configured in a zig-zag pattern.  I’m supposed to turn which direction again? Yep, that would be the other way. 🙂

The idea is that the turns are coming so fast it stops you from over-thinking; not that I could ever be accused of something like that.  🙂  The things you’ve been doing over and over kick in and if something is missing it should be pretty noticeable.

Here we go…

Fence one, turn left.

Fence two, turn right.  Back and forth through all the fences.

Did I mention that this was a whole lot of fun?

Such a good boy Toby!


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