Bee Day 2011 #1

Bee day dawned cold and even better, rainy, not exactly ideal for putting the bees in.  Bees, not unlike people, prefer to hunker down in those kind of conditions.  In fact, they typically don’t come out of the hive unless it’s above 50 and reasonably dry.  Regardless, the bees arrive when they arrive so we headed out to pick them up.

Our bees come from Georgia.  The person we get them from drives down with a truck and a trailer several times in the spring.

He brought back almost 600 packages on this run and has two more pick-up dates.  Along with backyard chickens, beekeeping has really picked up in the last few years.  I think we’ve all heard of colony collapse and honeybees don’t really thrive in the wild so it’s great to see all the new hobbyists.

Often there are bees on the outside of the packages which is a little bit nerve-wracking when you’re planning on putting them in the back of your car.  This year for the first time,  someone had a vacuum to clean them off.

Since this is the first time I’ve gone with Tim and Piper to pick them up, let’s just say I was highly appreciative.


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