The Doge’s Palace

The palace is right next the basilica, I guess the Venetian leadership weren’t so much about the small. My thinking is the secular and the religious weren’t going to be outdone by each other. The palace is enormous and while not my style or Piper’s, very opulent but in a much different way than the church. Both the wood and the artwork were very dark and the ceilings very high and ornate. The decorating also tended to be very similar from room to room so especially after all of the walking we would’ve been happy to see about half of what we did. The highlights were the dungeon–though we could have done without the too authentic sewage smell–and the weapons collection. The 10 year-old was rather horrified when we explained what the chastity belt was used for. Once again no pictures of the inside, but the duke definitely had the better view facing the harbor.





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