I have a confession. Venice was not on my list of top places to visit. I had heard mixed reviews and it is so far north and east that it was a little out of the way strategically. It was actually Piper who insisted she absolutely had to see Venice if we were going to Italy. If asked at this point I would say it was not to be missed. Expensive yes, commercial absolutely, but there’s beauty around every corner and it’s so much fun with the mazes and bridges.

Tim jokes that it’s like someone let the tourists loose and said find the cheese. While I prefer find the gelato, I have to admit he’s right. I’m pretty sure the maps are the Venetian’s idea of a practical joke. It gives them something to giggle about. “Oh look, it’s another tourist who actually thinks they can use one of those to navigate. Hahaha.” We have actually nicknamed the restaurant we’ve eaten at the last few nights The Restaurant of Requirement. You have to be hungry enough to find it. It’s about 10 minutes from the hotel and it routinely takes us 40. Still not a clue how we got there last night, in fact Tim would have walked on if I hadn’t noticed we were in the right square. Today the boat dropped us off within sight of San Marco and we still managed a 20-30 minute detour. Of course it resulted in another amazing church sighting and great gelato find so all were happy despite the delay. If you’re bothered by accidental wanderings though probably not for you.

Speaking of gelato, it turns out almost all of the fruit flavors are latte–dairy–free. Piper is happily working her way through various flavor combinations and so far reports that the pear is a big winner.









3 thoughts on “Venice

  1. Great shots again. Is the one of you and Piper in front of the Ponte Veccio? Piper seems to be loving it. šŸ™‚

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