Campanile (Bell Tower) 2

I swear no trip is complete for Lisa unless we go up high and go underground at least once; my two least favorite things. As I get older I find myself falling victim to vertigo more and more often so naturally I love going up in really high things so I can get a nice long look at the ground. Today was an excursion up the bell tower of the Duomo in Florence. We knew we were in for a work out when we saw the signs advising those with cardiac problems not to attempt this particular activity and the 414 steps up to the top didn’t disappoint. I’m also very proud to say that the Wysocki family is in way better shape than most of our fellow climbers.


Yep, I love enclosed spaces too. I would just like to point out how little space there is for Piper in the picture above. That stairwell is bi-directional, so when a body meets a body who’s spent a little too much time at the gelato case coming through the rye it can get quite cozy. Sometimes I felt like saying “Scusi, come se dice: I’ll still respect you when I get to the bottom.”

The views from the top were grand and I’m glad that I managed to at least get a few pictures of Piper and Lisa at the top before I scurried back inside.








2 thoughts on “Campanile (Bell Tower) 2

    • Not yet unless you count going under the wall. I have something planned in the next few days that should count though. 😉

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