Today we went to Pisa. This was another one of those things that I wasn’t quite sure about. Something that commercialized seemed to have high potential to disappoint. It’s only a 30 minute train ride from Lucca though so we figured what the heck. The city of Pisa itself was rather unappealing. Though it has a lovely artisans market on the walk to the tower, it is simply crawling with illegal vendors and has the sort of vibe that makes you feel like you should hold onto your things a little more tightly. The Duomo complex, however, was a very happy surprise. The Leaning Tower is beautiful and absolutely pristine as are the cathedral and surrounding buildings. This was also the largest green open space we’ve seen in a city since arriving in Italy. Because it was Sunday, we almost had the museum to ourselves. We chose not to venture to the top of the the tower for a few reasons–it’s ridiculously expensive, we’ve already climbed multiple towers, and with only railings at the top Tim would have had complete heart failure.














2 thoughts on “Pisa

  1. Risking exposing my ignorance… is there a significance to the purple (and other decorated?) columns on the cathedral?

    • In my guide book it said that the striped/patterned pillars are in the “Pisan style” so I think it is particular to the region. We have only seen them in Lucca and Pisa. 🙂

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