Today was another long travel day with six hours on three trains to Sorrento. All went smoothly despite the rather gnarly train ride from Naples to Sorrento. Yay! I think we might actually be getting the hang of this Italian transportation thing. Of course there’s very little we can do if the doors won’t open–last night on the way back to Lucca–and we end up at the stop past ours right?


We arrived at around 5 and were met at the station by the owner of our B&B, Luigi. He’s an enterprising young man armed with a blackberry and ready to help at a moments notice. I can’t express how nice it was to be walked directly to our flat rather than blunder around with our luggage trying to find it. The flat is very stylish and modern and located right in the center of Sorrento just a few blocks from the harbor.

We haven’t had too much time to look around yet, but Sorrento is a cute little seacoast town and at first glance looks to be a great base of operations for the area.







One thought on “Sorrento

  1. Sorrento is gorgeous! I lived near there many years ago, now I have a house near Lucca. Italian public transport can be very difficult to navigate. While is Sorrento call into Rosa Morvillo’s shop in the centre and tell her Debra said hello.

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