Sol has been shining on us all the time we’ve in Italy and graced us with another changeable but beautiful day. Last night’s short but violent thunderstorms blew away and left us with a clean air and hazy skies perfect for venturing out to the archeological area of Pompeii.

The most important thing to explain to someone who hasn’t been to see Pompeii is that it truly was a city. The site is big… really big. Our experience with Roman ruins has mostly been in France where the largest preserved sites were maybe one fifth the size of Pompeii.

Pompeii was destroyed over two days by an eruption of Mt. Vesuvius on August 24th, 79 A.D. The city was totally buried in ash and vanished into memory for over 1500 years until a canal being dug to carry the waters of the Sarno River revealed the first signs of the buried city. Fortunately, excavations didn’t formally begin until 1748 and have been continually underway ever since.

Enough of the history and on to the pictures!

Piper and I in front of the basilica


The Temple of Apollo


Shelves of Pottery found on site


Dogs have always been residents of Pompeii, then and now



I’m afraid I stalked this poor woman to get this photo, but we couldn’t believe her choice in clothing and footwear. Pompeii has cobblestone streets that are REALLY tough to walk on with normal shoes


One of the residents who didn’t make it


The excavation really is continuing even today



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