We took the bus out of Sorrento to Amalfi to experience the ride and to see the stupendous scenery along the way. The road to Amalfi hugs the sides of shear cliffs and has countless blind switchback turns, making it a real test of nerves for drivers. We figured we’d leave the driving to a guy who has been doing it multiple times a day for who knows how many years – a regional public bus driver. Not only does this guy have to drive a huge bus along some pretty challenging roads, he makes on-demand stops along the way. Very, very impressive skills.

A head-on shot by Piper of us meeting another bus like ours:


Some of the Road traveled





I had the camera because Lisa was still a little sick from the ride (she get’s motion sickness)


Picking rocks and sea glass


The rocks were unusually smooth, even for wave polished stone




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