This morning we walked down another gazillion stairs to get down to the harbor to head for the island of Capri. This is definitely the phase of the trip involving breath taking views and we started right out with our best view yet of Mt. Vesuvius.


Unfortunately while we were standing in line one of the many guides offering their services mentioned that the Blue Grotto, one of the major attractions of the area and one of the things we were really looking forward to seeing was closed due to the waves. Piper was bummed and the adults proceeded directly to kicking themselves for waiting until the last day. We’d already purchased the ferry tickets though so we decided to forge ahead and see what else the island had to offer. Capri was quite popular with emperors Augustus and Tiberius, so we figured there ought to be something appealing about the place. đŸ™‚

Upon disembarking it was not entirely clear what that might be however. The view was quite pretty, but we had seen the Amalfi Coast yesterday and this didn’t seem a whole lot different. In addition, the harbor was easily the most aggressively commercial tourist place we had been since arriving. You want to eat at my restaurant that looks like all the rest. You must do my tour. Honestly I react just like a little kid in those situations. Really? I must? I don’t think so. In fact I think I’d rather starve and wander around cluelessly, thank you.
After a little wandering we found a less obnoxious restaurant in the other direction, had lunch and regrouped. The solution? A boat ride around the island. Good choice. I also have to admit we were somewhat relieved when the person selling the tickets told us the Grotto had been closed for four days which meant there was no way we could have seen it while we’ve been here.

Capri is made of limestone which lend itself to amazing cliff, cave, and rock formations. The water surrounding it is one of those incredible blue greens. The Romans had to fortify it against pirates and the rich and famous have built homes here, Mussolini, Sophia Loren, and Armani to name a few. In short, it’s pretty spectacular.



The Green Grotto

The entrance to the Blue Grotto, you can see the problem.









2 thoughts on “Capri

  1. Looks like we pretty much had the same itinerary! =)
    But your day in Capri looks much better than mine. Our day was overcast, cold and rainy and the water was too choppy to allow entrance to the grottos. I’ll have to go back again.

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