Ruins in Rome

Today was our last day in Italy. The trip has been beyond fabulous, but I can say without equivocation we are all more than ready to go home. Soft beds and Whole Foods are calling and we’re missing the puppy and the ponies. At this stage we’re also all a little exhausted and ready for a day off. 🙂

The biggie for today was of course the Coliseum. No way we could come to Italy and not see this one. On the way we also got a glimpse of the Palatine ruins. Pretty crazy to see things that old just sort of laying on the side of the road.



I cannot say enough good things about the Roma Pass. It saved us an enormous wait when we got to the Coliseum since holders have their own significantly shorter line. The Coliseum was a pretty amazing structure. The lengths the Romans went to in order to stage their spectacles were nothing short of incredible. All of the hoists and such are gone now, but the area beneath the arena where much of the hidden magic took place is visible and gives you an idea of how complex it must have been. We all had fun imagining what the intact structure must have looked like on an event day.





The Arch of Constantine is directly adjacent and also a sight to see.



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