We had our first swarm of the season on Monday.  Tim had an inkling this was in the works and put extra supers on the hive Sunday, but the bees had obviously already made up their minds.  Piper and I were at the barn getting the pony ready when the hurricane started.  It truly is an amazing thing to watch.  The first one I experienced was when Piper was around two years old.  We were in the backyard gardening and Piper started saying “bee, bee”.  I was of course totally focused on what I was doing and responded with a nonchalant, “Yes Piper, bee.”  This continued for a few minutes until I finally looked up.  I’m not sure if you can really see it well in the pictures, but a swarm is a lot of bees.  They were swirling around the whole backyard.  Lucky for us this is probably the time that honeybees are the most mellow.  No hive to protect, so they are pretty much buzzing around until the decision is made on where to cluster so they can send out scouts and come to a decision on where to relocate.  Thankfully these bees decided to be polite and cluster in our backyard so Tim did not have to visit any of the neighbors and explain why their tree was suddenly filled with several thousand of our bees.  He was also able to get a nice progression of photos.


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