Chicken Races

Piper has been working on a system for racing her chickens off and on for a few months now and she thinks she finally has it worked out.

The first step is actually catching a chicken.  They seem to be on to her now so this isn’t always the easiest task.

Next she carries them around the back of the coop carefully avoiding the poison ivy.

After that she blocks them in the starting gate that is nicely furnished with food and water.  They really don’t seem to mind this setup and are often reluctant to leave.

Motivation comes in the form of a big stick.

She never actually touches them with it, just sort of hustles them along.

In this case Number Two, the darker chicken seems to have a firm lead on Boo.

As you can see the chickens don’t really seem particularly traumatized though I have been informed that the stick is getting second thoughts since the chicken are “turning barbarian” and whacking her with their wings when she tries to catch them.


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