AKJ – Piper

Piper has been talking about wanting to do a show for a while, but she’s been working through some jumping associated fear issues and while she assured me that it was indeed something she wanted to get over, she didn’t seem to be having a lot of fun with that particular aspect of riding.


When you added in that the obvious choice for a show was and Apple Knoll Jumper show I have to admit I wasn’t entirely sure it was a good idea.  However, since it was coming from her and Dave and Shannon gave the OK I went ahead and signed her up a little over a month ago.  I can’t really say whether it was that, great instruction, a wonderful little pony named Holly, or her own sheer determination, but what a difference that month has made.

While it’s not unlikely that we will see a few more bumps along the way it’s a joy to see her looking so much more confident.

While the plan was for her to start with ground poles, the warm-up is done over cross rails.

As you can see things went well and she was given the choice to forgo the ground poles if she wanted.  She thought it would be fun and decided to go ahead.

It went beautifully and she earned her very first off-site ribbon, a second.  Congratulations little girl!

Next was the cross rail class.  In an effort to take a little advantage of the competitive side of her nature, I said all she had to do was get over the third rail to improve on my performance last week.  I think I may have accidentally jinxed her since Holly ran out on the very first fence.  Guess what we’re going to be doing in lessons?  LOL  She went ahead and did a wonderful job on the rest of the course.

Since the run out happened so quickly, Dave said she could be done or give the reverse cross rail course a try if she wanted.  With absolutely no hesitation she opted to go again.  This time she made it all the way to the very last fence before Holly took another detour.  I would like to note that one of her first comments after leaving the ring was, “I got further than you did!”  🙂

While a little disappointed that she did not get to give the jump-off a try– “I think I could have made that turn.”– I think overall she was very happy with her night and can’t wait to go again. Tim and I of course could not be prouder.  Great job daughter!

PS Video should be up on FB shortly.


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