The first time I tried to make socks was very shortly after I started knitting.  The yarn was so fine I could barely see the stitches and the needles were not only tiny but how the heck was I supposed to deal with five at the same time?  Didn’t two give me enough grief?  After spending about two hours redoing the first five rows I handed the yarn over to my mother-in-law, the expert sock maker, breathed a sigh of relief, and moved on to other projects.

After spending a few years doing other projects and learning along the way I decided I may have been a little hasty swearing off socks and decided to give it another go.  I’m rather glad I did.  Socks are interesting to knit, fit the practical rule, and are small enough that they provide semi-reasonable instant gratification.  Going back I might not do stripes on the first go since the carrying and joins were an added complication, but I really do love them.  Pattern is once again from the Harry Potter knitting book. Piper, the intended recipient, picked the colors.  She is happily wearing her brand-new socks as I type.


3 thoughts on “Socks!

  1. Lisa, They look SUPER!!! There are self patterning yarns you can use, then there are no caryovers and the like. NICE JOB!!!! (cool colors, Piper!)

  2. I really like the socks Lisa. My grandma’s neighbor and friend taught me how to knit mittens on 4 needles when I was in the 6th grade. You’re right about the almost instant gratification. I sure was proud of those mitts… still am come to think of it.

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