Artwork – Butterfly and Chipmunk

You might have noticed I haven’t been posting Piper’s artwork lately though she started class again in September.  It turns out the projects at this level are a bit more detailed making them difficult to finish in the allotted hour and a half.  In other words while she’s been doing a lot of really nice work, most of it was only partially completed.  With the holidays on the way, she was strongly encouraged to finish up some of the better pieces.  While I don’t want to spoil the surprise, I thought it would be OK to put up a sneak preview.  🙂

This butterfly didn’t end up making the cut due to a very nice surprise at last night’s class.  It is actually a piece from last year done with colored pencil and turpenoid.

The chipmunk will definitely show up in this year’s Christmas gifts and is one of my favorites.  No surprise, this one was done mainly with chalk pastels which still seem to be Piper’s favorite medium.


One thought on “Artwork – Butterfly and Chipmunk

  1. Wow! Their beautiful,she does awesome JOB. Flowers are pretty too and yes I thought pic were of you, No,I’m not blind small phone doesn’t make for good picture viewing.. L MOM.

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