Baby Gifts

We are lucky enough to have two new baby arrivals for January so we’ve been busily making welcome gifts.

Ramsey, my cousin’s little girl, arrived last Thursday.  With those Wisconsin winters you really can’t have enough hats.  This one is a pretty simple 2×2 ribbing so theoretically it should fit a newborn and stretch out to last a while.  I also made my first pair of baby mittens to match.  What is it about hand and foot ware in miniature that makes it so ridiculously cute?

We are still awaiting baby girl number two but she should be along any day now.  Her nursery theme was based on the Paul Frank Julius line which initially threw me a bit.  After a little searching I found out that he actually uses all sorts of wonderfully fun bright colors giving me yet another excuse to use stripes.  The blanket is a basic stockinette stitch with a crochet border.  The sock monkey was Piper’s contribution with just a little help from me on the tougher hand sewing.  I’m still giggling a bit over her choice of cashmere blend socks “in black because that’s Aunt Carrie’s favorite.”


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