WFK Workshop – Week 3

Homemade Granola – Tim has homemade granola almost every morning for breakfast.  While he would probably happily eat the same kind indefinitely, I like to save myself from boredom by mixing it up.  This version from the class was nice and crisp possibly due to the coconut oil which was in a higher amount than I would typically use.

Bean, Kale, Rice, and Sausage Soup – Probably tied with the Raspberry Bars for the best recipe so far.  Piper and Tim were fighting over the leftovers.

Mediterranean Pasta Toss – This is a variation on a pasta dish I make regularly during the summer with fresh tomatoes.  I particularly like the use of vegetable broth to add a little extra flavor.

Black Bean Veggie Burgers – Piper particularly like the sunflower seeds in these.  They were also pretty firm which isn’t always the case with veggie burgers.

Maple and Tamari Roasted Vegetables – Relatively tasty version of roasted vegetables though I would probably add more garlic next time since we all prefer savory spicing particularly with sweet potatoes.


2 thoughts on “WFK Workshop – Week 3

    • Sent them to you via FB. While the instructor requested we not share them via the web because we are paying for the class she gave the OK for friends and family. 🙂

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