Things About the Pony That Make Me Smile

Her riotous mane that flips to both sides with its curls and cowlicks

That she likes having her mane scratched and pulled so much that she will lower her head and stick her tongue out

That she licks your hand like a puppy if you let her

That she seems to get quite indignant if she does not receive a treat before you start grooming her

The straight line of manure she makes across the back of her stall

Her insistence that we must go around the pile if she poops on the track

The lengths she will go to avoid stepping in water without being actively naughty

The fact that jumping seems to rank somewhere up with carrots and apples

That she will rush me to the jumps if I let her yet calmly trot over them for Piper

That she thinks she knows the BN dressage test better than I do and is probably right

That she recognizes Tim as “the one with the peppermints in his pocket” and stopped in during Piper’s lesson just in case he might not know any better and hand one over

That she approaches dressage with the same distinct lack of enthusiasm as most of the eventers I know



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