WFK Workshop – Week 6

Hummus – This recipe was almost identical to my standby hummus recipe which is based on one from the Whole Foods cookbook.  I did use pressure cooked chickpeas for the first  time though making it much smoother it its when I use canned.  Yum!

Strawberry Banana Oat Muffins – I could not eat these because of my bizarre problem with bananas, but they looked so good I made them for a breakfast treat for Piper and the other girls who went to this week’s horse show.  As far as I could tell they got a resounding thumbs up.  I had blackberry jam open so that is what I used.

Chocolate Berry Banana Smoothie – Another banana recipe so I am once again relying on my 11 year old taste tester.  She reports that it is very banana-ey and could use a little more chocolate but it grows on you.  I’m sure frozen bananas would improve this–I only had fresh–and the lack of chocolate flavor could be due to the fact that I ran out of cocoa and had to use my homemade hot chocolate mix though I did use a higher amount.

Lunchbox Noodles with Soy Maple Glazed Tofu – Both of these recipes were quite tasty and will enter regular rotation.  I did not add the chili paste to the pasta and left spicing it up to the individual and both Tim and Piper left it alone.  The tofu is wonderfully flavorful and a great protein match with the noodle dish.


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