WFK Workshop – Week 9

Breakfast Waldorf Salad – Tim and I can’t eat raw apples, but I thought this might be a fun breakfast treat for Piper.  While she did eat it all, she thought the dates were a “over the top” and said she would rather not have it again.  I used vanilla coconut milk yogurt because of Piper’s allergy, so it might be better with the more tangy lemon yogurt recommended.  We also do not do celery which might cut the sweetness of the date.

Creamy Spinach Mushroom Soup – This one sounded good in theory, but again was not a hit.  It doesn’t look quite like the provided picture so pureeing the rice less may have helped the texture.  There was something I couldn’t quite identify just a little off with the flavor too though so I don’t think I would bother revisiting this one.

Teriyaki Tofu – This was today’s lunch and it was delicious.  I only briefly marinated the tofu and it turned out fine.  For the wrap I mixed some grated carrots and leftover brown rice with a little of the extra teriyaki sauce and heat it briefly in a skillet and slice up an avocado.  Yum!

Raw Berry Cheesecake Pie – Yes, this cashew-based pie was worth two pictures.  The whole thing was mixed in the food processor so it was very easy to make.  It was much better the second day after the ingredients had some time to blend.  I’d recommend taking it out of the freezer a few minutes earlier to make it easier to cut and eat.  Oh, and not raw, but I plan on trying this with a little berry sauce next time.


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