I’ve had a few questions recently about whether there is assigned reading in our home school.  The answer to that question is yes, absolutely.  Piper has a list of books she needs to read every year from the Well-Trained Mind that includes full and abridged versions of classics and poetry.  There are also generally recommended books as part of both her science and history curriculums. Piper is a pretty avid reader so unless she really dislikes a book we typically don’t have a problem.  I’m not a big believer in killing books by forcing over-analyzation, particularly at her age, so we typically talk about the books she reads-characters, plots, motivations-and occasionally I require her to write a one page summary.  The hope at this stage is that she is learning the beginnings of literary analysis, how to read more complex books than she might choose herself, gaining a certain amount of cultural literacy from exposure to classics, and of course for science and history getting a deeper understanding of the material being covered.

Since school is starting next week, we stopped by the library to pick up the first batch today.

Here’s to a year of happy reading!


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