Nature Drawing – Hawk, Beach

Piper started her art classes again, but is doing something a little different this term. For a change of pace she decided to take a class specifically devoted to nature drawing. So far it seems to be going well.

Week 1



Week 2




Art Class – Dragon

This term in art class Tim and Piper are allowed to pick their own projects within the parameters of the lesson being taught for the week.  Piper chose this one for light and shadows.  Since the next week was texture she managed to finish it in that class.  The medium is mainly compressed charcoal with a little bit of vine charcoal.  I’m constantly amazed at the progress she’s made this year.  Needless to say she was very happy with her project.

Art Class – Blue Macaw

Piper and Tim both provided me with finished artwork this week!  This was a two week project which explains the fact that they both finished.  It was done using watercolor, colored pencil for the details, and black ink for the background.  I’m curious; can you tell which picture is Tim’s and which is Piper’s?

Artwork – Butterfly and Chipmunk

You might have noticed I haven’t been posting Piper’s artwork lately though she started class again in September.  It turns out the projects at this level are a bit more detailed making them difficult to finish in the allotted hour and a half.  In other words while she’s been doing a lot of really nice work, most of it was only partially completed.  With the holidays on the way, she was strongly encouraged to finish up some of the better pieces.  While I don’t want to spoil the surprise, I thought it would be OK to put up a sneak preview.  🙂

This butterfly didn’t end up making the cut due to a very nice surprise at last night’s class.  It is actually a piece from last year done with colored pencil and turpenoid.

The chipmunk will definitely show up in this year’s Christmas gifts and is one of my favorites.  No surprise, this one was done mainly with chalk pastels which still seem to be Piper’s favorite medium.

Art Class – Armor, Eagle

Here are a few of Piper’s projects that I didn’t get a chance to post before we left.  The armor was a pretty lengthy project.  The main shape was done in class and then the detail work added with the Rotring pen a few minutes a day over a few weeks.

The eagle was done using marker with a pastel background.  Piper’s instructor also discussed using the opposite temperature colors for shadows.  I’m really enjoying how much more detailed the artwork is this year.

Art Class – Mandolin

Naturally certain art class projects are met with more enthusiasm than others.  Faces and bodies, unless they are historical like statues or knights, are met with a universal thumbs down and for some reason so are musical instruments.   When this is the case, let’s just say results can be mixed.  Thankfully, this was not one of those times. While the mandolin itself might not have been Piper’s most inspiring item to draw, she loves shading and mixing colors and since this was really the first time they had done it with markers presented a fun new challenge.

Piper’s Artwork – Goblets, Giant Aardvark, Pegasus

The goblets were a two week project using acrylics on board.  I think this might be the second time Piper has used acrylics in class.  They chose their own glass from an assortment offered and then chose warm or cool colors for the background and the opposite for the glassware.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about Piper doing class in the spring with her right arm broken but since we’d already paid for the rest of this session she decided to give it a shot.  The aardvark was done about a week after her break almost entirely with her left hand.

Here was her choice project from the last week of class, once again done almost entirely left handed.  She used a picture of an Andalusian horse for the slightly thicker body.  The coloring is based on the unicorn in Guy Gavriel Kaye’s Fionavar Tapestry series. And yes, we did sign her up for the spring session.  🙂